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Preparation for a Tax Deadline

How to Prepare for a Tax Deadline

Important Dates for Tax

Each year Tax deadline dates fall on different days of the month but we can still prepare as Tax deadlines always happen during the same months of the year.

So record in those calendars to be prepared for the months of January and November each year.

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Documents We Need to Prepare and How to Obtain Them

Request this form from your payroll officer. Please Excluding ones prepared via Gautax monthly payroll services. 

Contact all your banking facilities and investment institutions and request your IT3.  Try register a frequently used email address as these form are mostly automatically generated and emailed to you.

Check your emails for messages from your medical aid as these forms are automatically generated and forwarded to your email address. You can also contact your medical aid and request your certificate be sent again.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to obtain this other than keeping a filing system of these expenses. Try keep a journal to record these events throughout the year.

Contact any foreign institutions you benefit with and request a statement for the previous years activities.

This needed to be obtained from a medical professional.

You can request a copy of the rental agreement from the renting agent. You can request a copy of the sales agreement from the real estate agent if you sold or purchased a property.

A logbook is a mandatory requirement if you receive a travel allowance.

There are many great cell phone applications that can keep and record a log book of your travels by using GPS co-ordinates.

Alternatively log books are sold at any PNA store.

Please file and record all receipts, contacts and invoices that can be used as an expense.

Receipts and invoices off all the expenses in order to operate your business from your home.

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What do I Need to Pay Tax on

Income tax is the normal tax that is paid on your taxable income.

Examples of amounts an individual may receive, and from which the taxable income is determined, include…
  • Remuneration (income from employment), such as, salaries, wages, bonuses, overtime pay, taxable (fringe) benefits, allowances and certain lump sum benefits
  • Profits or losses from a business or trade
  • Income or profits arising from an individual being a beneficiary of a trust
  • Director’s fees
  • Investment income, such as interest and foreign dividends
  • Rental profit or losses
  • Income from royalties
  • Annuities
  • Pension income
  • Certain capital gains

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