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Company Tax

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No Company Too Small

We can assist with all your Companies Tax requirements. This can be done for Sole proprietors and/or Close Corporations, Companies and Trusts.

Gautax Pro Tip:

IT14 Tax Returns for the 28 February 2023 financial year-end will be due 29 February 2024 (12 months after the company’s financial year-end)

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Value Added Tax (VAT) Returns

Once all transactions have been captured for the period in question, a VAT report is printed out which accurately assesses the VAT status of our clients for the respective period. We will ensure that the VAT returns are submitted correctly and on time. This avoids unnecessary penalties and interest imposed by the revenue authorities (SARS).

PAYE (Employees Tax), UIF and SDL Returns

We make sure that our client’s employees are taxed correctly taking all taxable deductions into account. The statutory returns are completed and submitted correctly and on time. We use Pastel Payroll and upload EMP501’s through Easyfile.

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We Assist in many registration processes

Gautax Pro Tip:

We attend to all VAT reviews and audits on your behalf

Need help managing your comany TAX?

All members of our team are available to meet and answer your questions and assist as they can.

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