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Gautax | International Accountants Day 2021



International Accountants Day 2021

Gautax says thanks on International Accountants Day!

To Our Customers and Families

Thank you for your support and loyalty over the years. Without you, Gautax would not be the inspired accounting firm it is today. 

Over the years we have been through tough times and rough seas. Together we have survived the turn of the millennium, the dread and uncertainty of Y2k. Together we survived the stock market crash of 2007, along with the resulting recession/depression. Together we survived the massive impact that COVID 19 has had on our businesses and lives. Together we have and together we can! 

Gautax takes stock on International Accountants Day and says thank you for your valued support!

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QuickBooks Give Thanks

“On International Accountants day we say thank you to the hundreds of thousands of Accountants who everyday help and inspire small businesses all across the globe. You are the trusted advisor to millions and, the impact of your work is the foundation for success throughout communities both big and small.

Thank you for the early mornings and the late nights; for valuing the detail whilst also inspiring the bigger picture; for understanding and navigating complex tax and compliance issues; and for being a dependable and trusted business partner.

We’ve gathered messages of appreciation from SMB’s from across the world who share how their success wouldn’t have been possible without the important role of their Accountant.”

What is Quickbooks Online?

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Gautax Pro Tip:

We offer QuickBooks Online to all our clients as a FREE service!

We find that QuickBooks Online helps millions across the world and this is no different for us in South Africa. With QuickBooks Online, we can access many of the same great features while gaining the mobility of cloud-based software. QuickBooks Online has more automations, more integrations, and better invoicing.

Thanks to QuickBooks Online we have been able to enrich many of our client’s businesses and offer a service that’s faster and far more valuable than ever before. We offer QuickBooks to all our clients as a FREE service!

Learn Something New

International Accounting Day Timeline

history of accountant day

5 Cool Things Accountants Accomplished

1. Accountants brought down the infamous Al Capone

After escaping so many other charges, Big Al finally went to jail for tax evasion, thanks to tireless FBI accountants.

first written word

2. An accountant wrote history's first words

The oldest surviving example of written language anywhere dates from around 5,000 years ago. It is written in Sumerian cuneiform and reads: "A total of 29,086 measures of barley were received over the course of 37 months. Signed, Kushim."


3. Accountants helped write the Bible

​Before writing the Gospel that bears his name, St. Matthew worked as a tax collector. Another tax collector was Saul, who took the name Paul after his conversion and wrote several books of the New Testament.

Walter Diemer

4. An accountant invented bubble gum

Accountant Walter Diemer worked for the Fleer chewing gum factory and experimented with gum recipes in his spare time. He invented the modern formula for bubble gum in 1926 and was the first to market it commercially. ​The gum was pink because that was the only food coloring the factory had available.


5. Accountants handle the annual Oscar vote

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences employs certified public accountants to tabulate all the Oscar ballots and declare winners. The Academy says that accountants are ideally suited for this task because of their reputation for objectivity and attention to detail.

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