Personal Tax

Submission of Tax Returns

The 2021Tax Season starts the 1st July 2021and we aim to complete your tax return quickly and professionally and make sure you pay as little tax as legally possible. The deadline for submission of the 202201 Provisional Tax return (IRP6) is 31 August 2021.

The Process

After initial consultation, all required documentation detailing income and deductions will be collected. An assessment will then be done to ascertain if a tax refund or tax liability exists.

We will then complete the tax return and submit to the SA Revenue Services (SARS), a receipt of submission will then be sent to you for your records. Once SARS have assessed the tax return, we will check it matches our assessment. If necessary an objection will be lodged. As we are registered Tax Practitioners, we have a good relationship with SARS which is advantageous to our clients.

Documents required to complete the tax form:

  • IRP5 (Received from Employer)
  • Medical Aid Tax certificates
  • Retirement Annuity Tax Certificates
  • Tax Certificates for Interest Earned (IT3B)
  • CGT Certificates from Investments
  • Travel logbook (if you have a travel allowance, or are a commission earner, contractor or business owner).
  • Schedule on property transactions, rental income (If applicable)

SARS have recently announced that no supporting documents, e.g. IRP5, logbooks, medical schedules must be submitted. However, taxpayers must keep their supporting documents for a five year period according to legislation. SARS will do third party verification – via their systems.

GAUTAX cc will keep all documents on file for the stipulated period.

Tax Directives

GAUTAX can apply for a tax directive if required. This is recommended for individuals earning a more that 50% of their income from a commission where they are responsible for the expenses in earning that commission.

Tax Registration

GAUTAX can register individuals for Income Tax. All employees needs to register for tax.

Provisional Tax

Provisional tax returns (IRP6's) must be submitted to SARS on 31 August and 28 February each year. Some taxpayers can utilise the top-up third return in September if necessary.

We maintain a database of all our provisional taxpaying clients and make sure that all returns are submitted correctly and on time. As penalties are imposed for under estimation of taxable income, it is very imporant to submit the correct estimate of taxable income.

Please note - If you have not registered on eFiling, we can assist you. We can also add your details to our eFiling profile and submit your form via the SARS website. Please contact us to find out more.