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Close Corporation Registration Discontinued

The Implementation of the Companies Act, Act 71 of 2008, brought an end to the incorporation of new close corporations. Due to name reservations still being valid, incorporation of close corporations however continued after 1 May 2011.

Customers are required to take note that the last valid name reservations (CK7) will only be accepted until 22 December 2011 for new close corporations registrations (CK1). No new close corporations will be registered after this date, and all services - both manual and electronic - relating to the registration of new close corporations, will be discontinued as of this date. Existing close corporations will continue to be administered under the Close Corporations Act, Act 69 of 1984.

Existing close corporations are free to retain their status as close corporations indefinitely, but their members may determine that it is in their best interest to convert to a company. This may be done free of charge until 30 April 2014.

"An extract taken from from CIPC"